Super Zoom Telescope  (50% Off)

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Our Super Zoom Telescope would allow you to do this anywhere with no problem! The unbeatable design lets you carry the telescope anywhere taking up no room at all.

If there are no terrain obstacles, you can use it to easily observe people or things from miles away.

Compatible with all iPhone or Android devices

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Turn on auto focus and blur the background function so that you can focus on observing the person or thing you need to observe.

The telescopic anti-shake system and special tripod 3D gyroscope make the telescope’s field of view very stable when it reaches a magnification of hundreds of times. Its performance is even much better than most astronomical telescopes with thousands of dollars.

The built-in night vision function allows you to use it normally at night.

Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof Design : Nitrogen-filled waterproof and O-ring sealed optics prevent moisture, dust and debris and ensures the living waterproof function.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers : a handheld and must-have for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping, surveillance and traveling.




Aaliyah Emard
Super clear image and shipped within 12 hours, this image was not even zoomed in all the way and look at how close and clear it was. I can't wait to take this on my next camping trip and use it to look at wildlife, amazing purchase!
great value for money!
Product just what I expected! Super fast delivery, very good!!!
Leslie Bayer
Arrived in just 2 weeks, securely packed. Everything works great!!

I am terrible at taking pictures (as you can see) but I am trying to learn more. This picture was not all the way focused as I just opened it and didn't know what I was doing. Read the directions and the pictures turn out amazing!! Will be buying again!
Amazing product, the telescope works great Just as described by the website! Awesome customer service, always gets back quickly.

This telescope is absolutely fantastic, easy to use and works very well. The picture is clear.

Love the picture of this telescope, so easy to use and versatile. Have bought multiple different telescopes like this and not one compares to this ones!
Brian R
Feel like Jack Sparrow, worth the money. So fun to use and the kids love it!

Sophie Rauch
Excellent product.

Lindsey M
Absolutely love this telescope! I bought it for my son and I am actually using it more than he does.. oops :/ Anyways took these pictures from about 2 blocks away and they turned out amazing!! Amazing Quality!!
Luna Franco
Super cool product, I am obsessed with the stars and the moon and bought this hoping it would give me a closer look at what they are really like. The pictures are amazing and it only has me wanting more!

John C
very good product. Is very light. I did not expect such good quality and range for a low price. easy to use. I am very glad to recommend